One of the many WordPress plugins I have used on sites is one called Amazon Feed Plugin. Its a cool plugin that searches Amazon with a keyword and then adds an assortment of products to your webpage automatically.

When dealing with a PLR Blog I had an issue where I had updated the Amazon Feed Plugin with my Amazon Associates ID (Tools –> AmazonFeed –> Options), however when I refreshed the page, the old Amazon ID was still in place in the product links. Therefore, I was not going to get credit for anyone purchasing these products.

Poking around the Amazon Feed control panel, I found the answer. The plugin has a cache of products, and changing the Amazon ID does not change the cache. Clearing the product cache does solve the problem.

Follow these steps to clear the product cache in the Amazon Feed wordpress plugin.

1) In your WordPress Admin Control Panel, click on Tools

2) Click on AmazonFeed

3) Click on the View Cache tab at the top

4) Click on the Clear Cache Now option near the top

5) Click on the prompt for “Yes, Clear Cache Now”

6) Go to the products page of your blog and you should see your products with your Amazon ID present in the URL.


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