I use a self hosted version of InfiniteWP to keep all my WordPress sites up-to-date with regard to themes, plugins, and the WordPress core files. Every once in awhile, InfiniteWP will pop up a message that it has an update for the admin interface as well. However, when I tried to install the update, it failed.

Now, when I refresh the InfiniteWP admin page, it is blank. No error message, nothing, just blank. Obviously, trying to install the update caused this, but how do I undo the changes and get back to a working admin panel again.

If this has happened to you, you’ll want to follow the steps for a manual update of InfiniteWP to recover the control panel and be able to work again.

1. Download the InfiniteWP package to your hard drive 

2. Unzip it to a InfiniteWP folder

3. FTP the files to your InfiniteWP folder on your site

4.  Run this file in your browser


5. Make sure you delete updateManual.php after updating.

For more information on these steps, visit the InfiniteWP manual update page

After you manually update the files, your Admin Panel should return to normal.

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