There are times when I’ve wanted to change the order of posts appearing in WordPress. Normally posts appear in chronological order from newest to oldest in WordPress. Depending on the theme, this is generally the order the posts will stay in no matter what.

What if you are writing a review of a product like digital cameras, and each post was a review of a particular type of digital camera with your own rating or review. This could be a number from 1 to 5 or maybe a star rating, and you wanted to put the post with the best rating at the top of the page. There are ways to do it with custom fields and a lot of PHP programming, but what about a simplier way?

There is a plugin called Post Types Order that allows you to drag and drop your posts into the exact order you wish to display them on your page. Very cool!

To install this plugin follow these steps:

1) Go into your Plugin section in the WordPress Admin Control Panel

2) Click on Add New at the top of the page

3) In the search box, type Post Types Order and click Search Plugins

4) Find the Plugin in the list and click on Install Now to install it

5) Click Post Types Order under Settings and setting the minimum user level to use the plugin and then Check the boxes for Auto Sort and Admin Sort if they are not already checked.

6) Now click on Posts and you’ll find a Re-order option, click on this setting and you’ll be taken to a screen that shows the titles of each of your posts. Simply drag and drop the posts in the order in which you want them to appear.

7) Click on Update to Save these changes and your posts have now been rearranged in the order you wish.


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