Two of the best ways to add more security to your WordPress site is to change the default administrator login username and to change the default database prefix. With these two changes, hackers won’t be invited to easily hack your site and modify your pages, deface your site or completely ruin it. 

Now both of these tasks can be accomplish by going into PhpMyAdmin, however for the average WordPress user this still may be a very difficult task. For this reason, there are thousands of blogs that have admin as the default login and wp_ as the default database prefix.

In a earlier post, I showed you how to change your default administrator username using a plugin. Today, we will change the default database prefix with a plugin as well.

There is an easy way to change the default WordPress database prefix by using a plugin called Change DB Prefix. Follow these steps to download, install, and activate this plugin.

1) Log into your WordPress Admin area

2) Click on Plugins

3) Click on Add New Plugin

4) In the Search box type

change DB prefix

and search for it.

5) Click on Install Now and Activate the plugin

6) Click on Settings

7) Click on  Change DB Prefix

8 ) In the New Prefix box, type a new set of characters for the prefix including the underscore (_) and click Update Options

The prefix of the WordPress database will change and you’ll be one step closer to securing your WordPress installation from hackers. 

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