One of the more common tasks in WordPress is closing the comments so that people don’t comment on a certain page or post. For instance, you rarely want someone to comment on your Privacy Policy page or About Us page.

For the experienced PHP person, you can go into the templates of WordPress and delete the comments section. This renders the comment function of WordPress useless, but nevertheless achieves the goal of not showing comments.

However, there is a better way, use a plugin called One Click Close Comments. This plugin is great because after its installed and activated, you only have one click to close comments on any page or post. Simply click on Pages or Posts in WordPress so that it shows the list of pages or posts. Next to each item, in the third column (the comments column) you’ll see a green or red dot. Comments are open if the dot is green and closed if the dot is red. Just click the dot to toggle between open and closed. Its as simple as that.

To download the plugin, follow these steps.

1) Go into your Plugin section in the WordPress Admin Control Panel

2) Click on Add New at the top of the page

3) In the search box, type One Click Close Comments and click Search Plugins

4) Click on Install Now and let it install

5) Now go into your Posts or Pages screen and enable or disable comments for each page or post.


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