Another common question is how to show just an excerpt of the post on the front page and not the whole post. The excerpt would have a clickable “click here to continue reading” type of line at the end that takes you to the entire post.

If you are experienced with PHP, this is a fairly easy fix, but messing with the standard template means that things may not work properly after a WordPress upgrade. So, using a plugin is a better way to handle this situation.

The plugin I would recommend installing is called Auto Excerpt by Julian Widya Perdana. Its a simple, yet effective solution to just this problem.

Follow these instructions to install the Auto Excerpt Plugin:

1) Go into your Plugin section in the WordPress Admin Control Panel

2) Click on Add New at the top of the page

3) In the search box, type Auto Excerpt and click Search Plugins

4) Find the Plugin in the list and click on Install Now to install it

5) Its now installed and will show excerpts of your posts on the main page of your blog.


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