As a Google Adsense publisher from the very beginning in 2003, I’ve learned a lot about Adsense and how to optimize it in my sites to produce the most income possible. One of the more common questions is which Adsense block is the best performing one and how to make it optimized for the best results.

In my experience, I have always found the best performing Adsense unit to be the 336 X 280 ad placed at the top of the article with the text flowing around it. It performs better if the ad is left justified since it will be the first thing people will see at the top of the article.

So, the question becomes how do I place my adsense code in my WordPress site at the top left of the post with the text wrapped around it?

Well, with a little CSS knowledge it becomes easy to do this even without a plugin. Many plugins offer the ability to place the ad in the post but not justified correctly. So you can use this knowledge to improve on these plugins as well.

To add the code manually, follow these directions.

1) In the WordPress Admin screen, click on Appearance in the left sidebar

2) Click on Editor

3) To place the ad in a post, click on the single post template, usually called single.php

4) Just under the start of the DIV Content tag where the start of the main content will go, place the following code

<div style=”display:block;float:left; margin: 5px 5px 5px 5px;”>
Insert Adsense code here


5) Now save the template and view the post and you should see the adsense block at the top left of the post with the text wrapped around the block.

This is by far the best performing ad and ad spot in all my sites whether they are WordPress or regular HTML sites.


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