I purchased a set of PLR Blogs a few weeks ago that use the PHP script TimThumb.php to resize and display thumbnails for some images on the front page of the blog. The only problem is after installing the WordPress blog and setting everything up, the images from the TimThumb.php script were not displaying. Just red x’s showing. Checking the code for the page didn’t help, everything looked good, and when I put the URL in the code into a web browser the image displayed properly.

Digging into this issue a little more, the problem became clear. The TimThumb.php script uses a folder called cache in the same directory as the php script itself. The permissions on the cache folder were set to 755. Normally this is fine, but the script needed to write information into this folder to display the images. I used an FTP program to change the permissions on the Cache folder to 777. I closed the FTP program and refreshed the front page of the blog.

Bam! The images displayed correctly.

Hopefully, if you are having the same issue with TimThumb.php this information will help you in solving the missing images problem.

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