Almost every wordpress site has a search box somewhere on the page where you can type in what you are searching for and it will list the different posts and pages that relate to your keywords. The purpose for these search boxes is so visitors can easily find what they want on a site. But have you thought of using the search box to do market research? Its always easier to sell something that people want, then to convince them to buy something else. If we know someone is visiting your site and trying to find something specific, its probably a good idea to put up a page about that on your site. In other words, give them what they want.

Ok, that’s a great concept, but have you ever tried to find the keywords that people are typing into your WordPress search box? Its difficult to say the least…unless you have the right plugin.

Download and install the Search Meter plugin, and you’ll have all the market research you need to make your site sticky. When you give visitors what they want to see, they’ll stay around on your site and may even find something else they like. Search Meter automatically records what visitors type into the search box. You can see the last couple days, last week or the last month of searches giving you a better idea of what visitors would like to find on your site. It also tells you whether their search was successful or not.

The plugins adds a Popular Searches widget that displays a configurable list of recent popular success searches for your visitors to see. This widget is completely optional, but may be useful for some sites.

If you find out what people are searching for and give them what they want, you have a much better chance of your site becoming popular, so install the Search Meter Plugin now to gain yourself an edge.

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