WordPress is an easy to use content management solution that can be installed on a domain in a matter of minutes. It makes creating a website easy and dare I say fun! However, if you have more than one wordpress site it can be a time consuming process to manage WordPress. For security reasons, you’ll want to keep the core WordPress files, any themes that you use, and all your plugins up-to-date. This can some time if you have a few domains, and it can turn into a time sucking chore if you manage 20, 30, or more domains.

To solve this problem, you’ll want to use a WordPress management program that allows you to view information on all your sites in a combined interface. Logging into this interface, you’ll be able to see which sites need updating. With a couple clicks, you’ll be able to update everything on your WordPress site in a matter of minutes instead of hours. With that being said, let’s review a couple of the more popular wordpress management tools.


ManageWP is the cream of the crop as far as management programs. It really is the ultimate dashboard for managing sites.

One click updates, Fully automated backup and restore features, High security, Rapid deploying and cloning of websites, SEO and uptime monitoring of sites, Mobile access to site.

Price, the best app does not come free.

Yes there is a monthly price, however the time you’ll save with easily help you pay that price. As they say, time is money. With the extra features of backup and restore, deployment and cloning of sites, and the monitoring of sites, this management tool can replace a few other services you may already be paying for. Its the ultimate all-in-one interface for managing WordPress. Note: there is a limited feature free version for up to 5 websites, but you’ll need to pay the monthly to really see the extraordinary value of ManageWP.


InfiniteWP is the ultimate buffet of WordPress management tools. It offers a free price tag to start, with add-on modules that you can buy for a price.  Its a great way to buy just what you need for managing your portfolio of domains.

One click updates, Bulk manage plugins and themes, One master login, Buy what you need add-ons, No Monthly cost

Self-hosted, meaning you have to install it on your own domain. Not as many features as ManageWP but there isn’t a monthly cost either.

If you prefer the buy what you need in the form of premium add-ons. This is the one you want. Personally, I’ve settled on this one to manage my WordPress sites.

WP Remote

WP Remote is a kind of a hybrid of the other two services. Its remotely hosted like ManageWP and its free like InfiniteWP. The features are more limited than ManageWP or InfiniteWP though.

Remotely hosted, you don’t need to install it on your own server.

Limited features compared the other contenders.

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